Camp Wilderness Re-Mapping Project

By: Scott Ralston

This camp re-mapping project is now completed. The digital mapping was done with ESRI ArcInfo 8x Geographic Information Systems software and ArcPad GPS software provided by North Dakota State University Biological Sciences Department. The Northern Lights Council Alumni Association has also been a great support. GPS accuracy is estimated to be within 3 meters. Features were located and mapped using a combination of geo-referenced aerial photos (USGS and MN-DOT GIS data layers) and tracing the features using a handheld GPS in association with a ArcPad mapping program on a pocket PC.

Click on the links below to view the maps. There are currently two versions. A topographic version that includes as much detail as possible including actual shapes and sizes of camp sites and other areas as well as elevation lines throughout the limits of the camp property. The second map is a simplified version that replaces feature shapes with symbols and has no topographic information. The extent covers only the limits of program areas. Please feel free to view these maps and distribute to others. Maps can be saved by right clicking on the image after it is displayed and select "Save Image As".

Camp Map With Aerial Photo Overlay (2.14MB)

Camp Topo Map (2.0MB)

Camp Topo Map With Aerial Photo Overlay (1.84MB)

Camp Ski / Hiking Trail Map (1.62MB)

Camp Map With 3-d Overlay (1.77KB)

Simplified Reference Map (497KB)

3-D Camp Aerial Photo for Desktop Wallpaper (202KB)




Any questions, concerns, or specific map needs, e-mail Scott Ralston at

Last updated 1.11.05