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Below are audio and video files collected from past staff members. You can get involved by contacting any of the officers or committee chairs.

Hail To All
Neath the glimmering lights of heaven, lie the camps we love;
Here we served the youth of ages, blessed by God above.
Sparkling lakes, and woods, and prairie, graced our friendship trail.
May the memories live forever, Hail, all hail, all hail.

Hail to All.

Hail to All

Andrew Nelson Welcome Center Video

Welcome Center

An interview with Phil Schorn.

Phil Schorn

Val Higgins worked at Camp Wilderness during the first few years. He currently lives in Minneapolis. Tracks 13 and 17 are a good place to start.

Virgil Reed was the first Camp Director at Camp Wilderness. The following is a WDAY Fargo North Dakota Interview Circ 1930's thanks to his Daughter.

Virgil Reed D1T01

Virgil Reed D1T02

Virgil Reed D1T03

Virgil Reed D1T04

Virgil Reed D1T05

Virgil Reed D1T06

2007 Staff share a new handshake. This is a large file so be patient.

Caleb and Phil

Metigoshe Video 1956 or 57 Old Camp - This file is enormous so it may take hours to download.


Spanish Point Camp 1956 or 57 - This file is enormous so it may take hours to download.

Spanish Point


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